Why Reading Only Our Own Akashic Records Misses The Mark

Reading Akashic Records for others

Why Reading Only Our Own Akashic Records Misses The Mark

Most people want to know what’s in their own Akashic Records.  And what most people don’t know is that reading the Akashic Records for OTHERS is where our true journey of self-knowledge and wisdom begins!

As a psychic, you learn pretty quickly how self-obsessed most people are!  When I introduce myself to a psychic, the standard question I get, either right away or within five minutes into the conversation is: “So, what can you tell me about me?”

To which I confess I roll my eyes a bit.  Mainly because I don’t walk around in every day life, randomly “reading” people I meet.

As human Beings, our fascination with ourselves is endless!

Reading Akashic Records for othersBut note that we didn’t incarnate by ourselves onto little desert islands.  We all came into this experience together! It’s impossible for us not to be in some sort of relationship with other humans.  That’s how this experience was designed … and so the presence of other people in our lives obviously plays a huge part on our path of evolution and growth.

It’s when you read the Akashic Records for others that you have the most incredible opportunity for growth.

It’s when you know the Divine Gifts and Soul Purpose of someone else, and can compare and contrast these to your own, that you truly start understanding yourself – and them – in a whole new way.

See, in order to know ourselves, we have to also know who we are NOT.  In order to know our own Divinity and Soul, we also have to know who our Divinity and Soul is NOT.  And the only way I know to do that is to read the Akashic Records on behalf of other people.

One of the most amazing things we get to do is read the Akashic Records of our loved ones.  From that point on, we get to observe how their Souls create their experience, and compare it to how our own Soul operates.

This is the true path of self-knowledge – to stand in the service of others!

To your infinite wisdom,
Andrrea Hess