Why The Soul Needs Healing (And Can’t Do The Job Alone …)

Why The Soul Needs Healing (And Can’t Do The Job Alone …)

Most of us consider our Soul the eternal aspect of ourselves, untouched and unaffected by our human shenanigans, always ready to guide us to the expression of our own Divinity.

But here’s the uncomfortable Truth: The ENTIRE fabric of your Being is affected by your choices!

Let’s say, for example, that you are currently making the choice to stay in an unhealthy relationship. This relationship is unfulfilling, unhappy, and not allowing you to express who you really are. Emotionally, you may start feeling depressed, even anxious. Mentally, you may make yourself as busy as possible in order to avoid the reality of your situation. Physically, your body may start to exhibit dis-ease or pain.

This kind of negative choice obviously has a huge effect on our emotional, mental, and physical state. But guess what? The upper dimensional aspects of your being – your Soul! – is just as affected as your mind, your emotions, and your body.

Negative choices – choices that we make AGAINST our Divine self-expression! – literally create disruptive new patterns within our Divine Soul Blueprint. In Soul Realignment, we call these disruptive patterns “Soul-level blocks and restrictions” because they block our ability to connect to Divine Source.

Most of us don’t like to think that our negative choices here in the physical can actually do damage to our Soul. We like to think that our Soul remains “up there,” impervious and bulletproof against staying in jobs we hate, surrounding ourselves with negative people, or anything else that isn’t in alignment with our Divine self-expression.

Your Soul is just another aspect of you. Do harm to yourself here in the physical through negative choices … and OF COURSE you do harm to your Soul! You may be familiar with the saying “As above, so below” … well, “As below, so above” is also true!

Of course, just like we have every opportunity to bring our mental, emotional and physical aspect back to a state of joy, abundance, and fulfillment, we also have the ability to heal the damage we have done to our Soul.

But guess what? Our Soul can’t help us with this process. Not really. Because our Soul itself is affected! So if you are looking to your Higher Self to help you with Soul-level healing, you are setting yourself up for zero progress.

In fact, this is why guidance from our Higher Self often can’t help us transcend our current situation.

Think about it this way. A patient is stuck in the experience of his or her symptoms. They know their problem, but probably not the root cause or the solution. It usually takes input from a neutral source – online research, a medical professional, a healer or counselor – for us to be able to step OUTSIDE of our own experience and take new action to heal our symptoms.

That’s why we read the Akashic Records – because in them, we can read ABOUT the Soul, rather than asking the Soul itself for guidance. In this case, the Soul is the patient! Our Higher Self is experiencing the symptoms. And so, our Higher Self is not the right spiritual resource to help us resolve the problem!

In Soul Realignment, we go a step further. Because there is no concept of time within the Akashic Records, we actually compare the Soul’s current blueprint with its blueprint at the moment of our origination from Divine Source. Not only that, we can then, through highly specific clearing work, bring the Soul’s blueprint back to its original state – that’s the “realignment” part of “Soul Realignment.”

Because your Soul is the highest-dimensional aspect of your Being, it is the quickest to heal. Soul-level healing affords us a unique opportunity – to once again be able to follow the guidance of our Higher Self, in order to realign the rest of our human experience to our Divine self-expression.

With your Higher Self free of Soul-level blocks and restrictions, your intuition and inspiration become a spiritual power tool in creating the human reality you desire.

To your wisdom,
Andrrea Hess