Your Intuitive Blindspot

Your Intuitive Blindspot

There’s one very significant problem with accessing intuitive information on our own behalf. It’s our subconscious programming!

You see, each of us has a subconscious belief system that was programmed before we were seven years old. Everything we were told, everything we experienced, all went directly into shaping this belief system. It is literally the filter through which we view the world.

Our subconscious mind protects this belief system fiercely. It is, after all, what has kept us at least reasonably safe our entire lives. It is a survival mechanism, this programming – designed to help us integrate into collective consciousness and live our lives in alignment with our family and social values.

There’s a few ways in which our subconscious programming can affect our intuitive process.

The first issue lies in stating our intentions and asking questions of our Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Akashic Record. Our subconscious programming will usually not allow us to conceive of intentions or questions that are out of alignment with our belief system. Basically, we wouldn’t think to intend or ask what is outside of our programmed filter. And so, valuable information remains inaccessible – simply because we can’t ask or intend that of which we remain unaware.

Let’s say, for example, that our programming states that, if we assert ourselves, we will lose the love of those close to us. Maybe our parents withheld love if we were assertive and determined, while rewarding us for going along with what they wanted for us.

We will be completely unaware that this programming is running in the background of our subconscious mind. But we’ll simply not set intentions that would derail the plans or wishes of our family members. We wouldn’t even ask for intuitive information that would have us assert our will while perhaps displeasing the people we share our lives with.

We simply wouldn’t think of these intentions or questions.

The second issue lies in receiving intuitive information that does not fit in with our subconsciously programmed belief system.

What do you think happens when intuitive information that threatens our belief system makes an appearance? That’s right … the subconscious mind will filter it right out of our awareness! Remember, our belief system is simply guarding itself against what it doesn’t hold as “true.”

This is how we sometimes arrive at truly spectacularly wrong answers when we read for ourselves. In fact, this is also sometimes how we receive inaccurate readings from psychics and intuitives. If a professional reader doesn’t know how to correctly identify their intuitive access point and is not well-trained, they will only come up with comfortable and affirming answers for their client!

In other words, our subconsciously held belief system can create massive intuitive blind spots for us!

So how do we get around these blind spots?

There’s a few ways. First of all, the Akashic Records make for a fabulous access point for professional intuitives for this very reason. The subconscious belief system of the client is left out of the reading entirely. This results in “lightbulb moments” that are both truly surprising to the client while resonating as completely accurate.

The second is having proven, logically devised reading protocols, especially when using a divination method such as dowsing. If the questions are well-constructed (often by someone else!) then our subconscious mind does not object to the answer. After all, the conscious mind does have the capability to override the subconscious at any time. But in order to do so, it must occur to us to try!

And finally, putting yourself into environments such as workshops, classes and coaching programs puts you in a situation where different belief systems from our own are upheld. While this may initially create an uncomfortable reaction, this discomfort is really just a resistance mechanism created by the subconscious in order to protect itself. Eventually, however, we begin to question ourselves to the point where we can shift our subconscious programming.

This is why it’s a great idea to spend time with the people that have created the results you want in your own life! Their belief system aligns to their results … by association, we begin to shift our own programming to accommodate new results, also.

In the end, you know you have an intuitive blind spot when your inner guidance is not creating the desired results!

To your infinite wisdom,
Andrea Hess